Avoiding Christmas Party Clichés: A new way to celebrate

Planning your staff Christmas staff event? Hoping to avoid some Christmas clichés this year, in favour of some more unique ideas to deck the halls? From photo booths to karaoke, here's how to create a show-stopping staff party...
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How to Bring Colleagues Together at Your Work Christmas Party

It's that time of year again, and party season is fast upon us! Not sure how to plan a work Christmas party that caters for everyone and brings colleagues together? Not to worry, we've revealed our top tips for bringing your coworkers together this year...
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Which Music Event Needs Which Venue?

It's fast approaching the party season, and what better way to get into the spirit than to host your own music event! From the upbeat jazz tempos of a saxophone to the softer strokes of a violin, the venue you choose will need to complement your genre, so we've highlighted our top tips here...
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The Perfect Summer Wedding Menu

Catering for a summer wedding means utilising the season's light fresh flavours. From mint and cucumber to lemon and fennel, this post reveals the perfect summer wedding menu, which will leave guests ready to celebrate both your day and your culinary skills!
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How to Get Your Venue Ready for a Summer Wedding

Are you looking for tips on how to create the right aesthetic for a summer wedding? With ideas for colour schemes, flower choices and even fun stylish tips for how to keep the party dancing, anyone planning their special day in the sun should take a look at our suggestions.
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What to wear to a Summer Wedding

Everyone loves a summer wedding, but choosing the right outfit is never easy. In this blog post we look at some of the best attire ideas for both male and female guests, to help ensure everyone looks ready for a celebration in the sun.
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Six Fixes For Sustainable Events Management

Every industry has to do better to reach our national and global climate change goals. Discover six key ways to lead a more sustainable corporate events programme.
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Charities Unite: How Social Enterprises Can Work Together

Discover our four top tips for social enterprises looking to affirm their position and expand their work to help more people.
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On The Ball: Expertise For Managing Sports Events

The spirit of competition can inspire and motivate - tips on how to arrange a sporting event
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