Classic Or Contemporary? Choosing the Right Event Venue

Every event demands something different from its venue. Whether it’s a hi-tech lighting rig or a beautifully polished sprung dance floor, finding the right venue to suit your purposes can be tricky. For many event planners, it can come down to balancing, or even choosing between, classic style and contemporary comfort.

Across London and the UK, we work with a beautiful blend of contemporary spaces and classic venues. But if you’re taking the lead in managing an event, what’s the best approach to choosing the right venue - the pursuit of vintage style or securing a simple, modern space?


Vintage venues are often located centrally, within easy reach of major transport routes. York Hall, a stunning art deco chamber in the heart of the east end, is just seconds from Bethnal Green underground station, as well as being served by a number of buses heading straight to central London.

Westminster, at the heart of government and commerce, is a fantastic place to locate your event, particularly if it’s about driving business and trade. Custom conference facilities are a must - Brixton Conference Suite is just minutes from the Victoria line in the heart of the iconic market, ideally convenient for a touch of culture and many transport routes into the capital.

A common advantage of more modern venues is often a designed flexibility in the spaces available. Having the ability to configure layouts and lighting to suit the style and structure of your event is a critical benefit of your venue choice. Whatever venue you visit, be sure to discuss with the management the scope for modelling the space to suit your needs - and the cost of making any necessary changes.


Sometimes, there’s no substitute for style. From a swinging dinner and dance party to a slick corporate conference, welcoming your guests to an impressive, elegant space will have immediate impact and add a sense of scale and gravitas to proceedings. The clean lines and clear canvas of a modern event space open up huge opportunities for stamping your style on the venue, whilst an ornate, historical feel simply exudes character and charm from the off.

However, if you’re looking into hiring a vintage venue, you shouldn’t feel it necessary to compromise on room or adaptability. Check out our pick of some of London's finest vintage wedding and party venues.


Whether you’re hosting a live band on the big stage, or simply an intimate seminar discussion, you need your venue to be tech-enabled and ready to offer your event full functionality, across lighting, display, social and sound.

Many corporate event planners get excited about the prospect of live Twitter walls and snappy hashtags - but covering the basics should be the priority. Focus on ticking the biggest boxes first - testing wifi coverage across the venue, making sure the lighting makes the most of the space - because these are the aspects of planning that will ruin the event if they are not considered vital.

Acoustics are another concern. The very material of the room you’re standing in may dictate the success or failure of your event - check out this blog post for more detail. Classic venues, such as theatres and ballrooms, are designed to provide amazing acoustics; it’s commonly more avant-garde spaces, or those not built for purpose, that suffer.

If you’re looking to discover the ideal venue for your event, get in touch with the Better Venues team to find out more.

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