The Hidden Costs Of Corporate Conference Planning

The trials and tribulations of event management are never thrown into sharper relief than when a big corporate conference is looming in your professional calendar. Often critical to securing new business and overflowing with competing KPIs, trying to please all parties - from colleagues and clients to fellow industry professionals - could be the biggest challenge of your career so far.

At Better Venues, we specialise in offering events professionals simple, stylish and well-equipped settings for every manner of corporate occasion. Our team of event managers and venue experts have been hosting business and corporate events in London for decades - so we asked them to share their top tips on how to avoid ballooning expenditure and keep corporate events effective, exciting and - crucially - on budget.

Go paper-free

It may sound simple, but keeping your printing and paper usage to a minimum can keep costs down. Using digital alternatives can allow you to be more creative with the look and feel of your event.

Digital ticketing is a must - nobody wants to be waiting for post if it’s possible to get all the details and their ticket instantaneously via email. Glossy programmes become readily disposable litter within moments - send a digital programme to all attendees in advance, and have the agenda for the day projected in key entrance areas if feasible. For live updates, social media walls or direct text messaging are simple, direct ways to connect with attendees in and around the venue.

Be smart with scale

Your first instinct may be to pull out all the stops with an impressive all-day conference or something similar, but that’s by no means the most economical or effective way of staging a corporate event.

If you’re looking to foster a small group of influencers and bring them closer to your brand, a series of small, dedicated, well-focused events - whether they be workshops, seminars, talks or socials - can be significantly more effective that filling a room and throwing budget up the walls. Speak to other event professionals and find the format for your event that best fits your goals - and don’t waste time trying to organise an event for the sake of ambition or position. Every event is about achieving something specific - identify that first, and craft your work to fit those needs.

Don’t pay for speakers

Putting together an appealing programme of popular influencers and in-demand speakers for your event is critical to drawing the crowds that you want to connect with. However, many professional speakers will look for significant remuneration, which can stretch budgets a little too far. This is where your own contacts, and sites like LinkedIn and the like, can become invaluable - reach out into your industry, and look for thought leaders who can present who’d value the opportunity to speak to a room full of potential collaborators and clients. You’ll be able to secure a selection of talented and engaging guests without incurring the costs of hiring a rostrum of regular, high-cost speakers.

Planning corporate events in London? What are your top tips and tricks for keeping costs low and your seats full? Let us know via Twitter or Facebook.

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