Last-Minute Corporate Summer Party Checklist

Summer’s here! That means lunchtimes in the park, post-work drinks and protracted desk-to-desk battles about the adequacy of the office air conditioning. But the highlight of the work seasonal schedule is the traditional summer party. Events teams across the UK are getting ready to deliver that heady mix of ill-advised dancing, Pimm’s and politeness.

But once you’ve found the right party venue, in London or elsewhere, it’s time for the nitty gritty of party organisation and a race against time to balance budgets and expectations.

So, with a matter of days and weeks to go, the Better Venues team have crafted a actionable, simple four-point checklist of last-minute checks and innovations that’ll guarantee your celebration goes off without a hitch.

1. Weatherproofing

Heading outside to enjoy the assuredly stunning British weather with your colleagues? It’s a simple one, but take precautions, plan ahead and have an emergency contingency plan in your back pocket. If you’re off to a local park, scope out nearby wet weather options and bring the brollies to stave off those passing showers. In the event of those rarest of phenomena, a British heatwave, have plenty of water on hand.

But don’t let fear of unseasonal showers or blistering temperatures put you off - be sure to offer your colleagues confidence that the event will go ahead whatever the summer chooses to throw at you.

2. Integrate Your Office Culture

A work summer party should be a celebration of your team and the culture that brings them together. Amongst whatever else you’ve got planned, try to weave in some fun elements from your office community. Try a quick awards ceremony, with prizes for unique, tongue-in-cheek achievements. Is your office running a sweepstake for Euro 2016? The winners can be presented with the spoils of their success as part of your celebration. If you need insights, consult managers or key influencers across different teams about what would and wouldn’t work.

3. Pick and Choose Your Digital Offering

We are told often and loudly that digital is the saviour of events engagement. Yes, social media is a marvellous thing that opens up whole new areas of conversation around events - but from an event manager's perspective, it’s far better to focus on doing one thing really well than trying to present an overly complex digital strategy that takes valuable time away from the minutiae of planning.

You’re working with a crowd that will be relaxed and there to have fun - so feel free to try things you may not feel comfortable in testing at a fully corporate occasion. Running a photobooth with an accompanying hashtag is a great way to collate the best images from the event, and offering a modest prize for the most creative image posted will definitely encourage a few memorable team pictures.

4. Develop A Post-Party Plan

If you’re hosting the party in your offices, it may be impractical to remain too late - but you might not want the fun to stop quite so early! All too often, a lack of a clear post-party plan can lead to a quiet parting of the ways and too many early nights. Research and set out in advance a destination for those who wish to keep celebrating, within a short walk and with the space to host all those who attend.

What are your key considerations when planning a work summer party? Fun and sunshine, or corporate and constructive? Let us know via Twitter or Facebook.

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