On The Ball: Expertise For Managing Sports Events

A career in events management is as varied as it is challenging - there’s always something new to tackle. Whether you work for a corporate colossus or a community charity, events are how you reach out, make an impact and affect change.

One the most successful and emotive ways of doing so is through sport. The spirit of competition can inspire and motivate - whether your guests are participating or spectating, there are a unique set of challenges to tackle and rewards to discover.

Whether it’s a big boxing bout, a company sports day or a local industry-wide five-a-side tournament, there’s much to consider to create the perfect, smooth-running sports event. Our events managers have led projects across a wide variety of industries - here, they provide their top advice for pleasing spectators and sportspeople alike!

For Spectators

Space for spectators will depend largely on the venue that you’ve chosen. Keep venue hire at the front and centre when you’re making any initial budget decisions.

If you’re hosting your event in a purpose-built sporting venue, with fixed seating, ticketing and the like, the first priority will be streamlining and simplifying the user experience. This depends on clear event mapping - setting out routes of entry and exit, where to eat, drink, or find the bathroom. Deploy your team to get everyone to their seats - comfortable and ready to enjoy the event - to schedule and with the minimum of fuss.

Of course, if you’re hosting a sporting event outside, or in a more improvised, self-styled environment, new demands emerge. Priority seating, disabled access, cover for when the weather turns for the worse - setting up an event in an outdoor space is a great challenge for your event mapping skills. However, the same principles apply here as they do for an indoor event - it’s all about organising, setting out and simplifying the user journey: from arrival, through the event, to departure.

For Participants

Whoever you represent as the manager of a sports event, one of your key priorities and KPIs must be pleasing the participants. Whether they are professional sportspeople or enthusiastic amateurs, the success of your event depends on providing them with everything they need to perform and enjoy their day.

You need to provide a comfortable, private space for your guests to change, warm-up and practice, as well as organise in advance the sports equipment you are responsible for providing.

Whilst it’s true for every event, the scrutiny on health and safety for sports event is high. The potential for injury is very possible - and very public. For small scale events, make sure your team are trained in first aid and aware of the process for assisting an injured participant. If your event is on a larger scale, enquire with the St. John’s Ambulance, or a private contractor, to arrange full first aid cover.

Whilst it may not be possible to provide a full wet-weather alternative for an outside event, make sure you’re well stocked to deal with the worst of the British weather. Sportspeople will need to keep warm, dry and hydrated if rain stops play. Ideally, prepare in advance - find an indoor venue locally that can be reserved as a wet weather alternative, and make the call once you’ve seen the weather forecast.

Want to find out more about venue hire for sports events? Talk to our team to find a venue that’s perfect for you - contact us today.

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