Six Fixes For Sustainable Events Management

Corporate events are arguably the largest and most important use of events venues in the UK. Imagine the massive environmental impact that events planners could have if all corporate events made the effort to become more sustainable. Sustainability is not just about the direct environmental impact that the event has on its local area, but also the ethical impact - which can make things fairer all over the world.

As we move closer towards 2020, a point at which environmental targets all over Europe will be considered, all event planners need to be keeping sustainability in mind. Here are six key ways to lead a more sustainable corporate events programme with ease:

1. Host the event during the day, rather than the evening.

Having an event in the daytime means that you could save masses of energy by using less lighting and heating, especially in the winter months. You could even go one step further here and source your energy through sustainable companies. This means that any energy that may be used will be ethically sourced, and is likely to come from a form of green energy production, such as wind or solar energy.

2. Enquire about recycling services in the area.

Discuss the recycling options with the venue manager to see what options there are for the event. If there are no recycling services in place, then you will be able to hire some on behalf of the company so that all the necessary measures are in place. Having small bins specifically for recycling and food waste at the event encourages people to not only recycle themselves, but also makes them aware of the lengths you have gone to to ensure that waste from the event is sustainably managed.

3. Give leftover food to the local homeless.

Having secured your recycling services, now it’s time to consider another form of waste. Often at the end of a corporate event there will be a fair proportion of the food on offer left uneaten. Bringing this food to a local homeless shelter has a double effect: you won’t have to throw it away, and you will also be helping out your local area.

4. Use tap rather than bottled water.

This is another one that will actually save you a bit of money on the day. Plastic bottles are causing our environment serious damage by wasting resources and polluting our waterways. Serve tap water in glass jugs and glasses to avoid excessive waste. This will also save on the cost of recycling services.

5. Use sustainable food produce.

This is possibly the most important aspect of sustainable management for your event. Using local caterers is a great way to pump money back into the local economy, as well as showing your support for small businesses. Ensure that the produce used by the caterers is grown in the UK to reduce the carbon footprint of the food you are serving.

6. Ensure that any gifts are reusable and made locally.

Ultimately you don’t want to create even more waste by giving out gifts to attendees that they’re just going to put in the bin as soon as they hit home. Pens, pencils and tote bags are always good ideas. Also, ensure that the gifts themselves are made in a sustainable manner: many companies use recycled materials nowadays, so it is fairly simple to do.

There we have it: six simple ways to have a massive impact on the environmental and ethical sustainability of your next corporate event.

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