What to wear to a Summer Wedding

There’s something truly magical about a summer wedding. If you’ve been invited to a few this summer, lucky you! 

Sometimes, the bride and groom make life easy by specifying a dress code. When they don’t, it can be tricky deciding what to wear to a summer wedding. After all, you want to balance looking put-together and smart with keeping your cool. Well, good job we’re here to do the thinking for you! That way, all you need to worry about is having fun and making memories to last a lifetime.

So, grab a drink and a notepad and read on for some great ideas on what to wear to look stylish and glorious without sweating the day away. Whether you’re a man or a woman, from casual back garden weddings to fancy formal nuptials, we've got you covered!

First, let’s run through some basic dos and don’ts:



• Wear breathable fabrics so you don't overheat.
• Wear summer colours like teal, coral, or lime. Guys, if you’re not comfortable with colour, incorporate a little in the form of a tie, pocket square, etc.
• Wear something that makes you feel amazing and cool.
• Wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
• Wear a pair of stylish sunglasses.



• Wear white, unless otherwise stated. Leave it to the bride!
• Wear too much black. It’s looked down on at weddings, plus it won’t feel nice in the bright sun.


Decisions, decisions, decisions… Should you opt for a cute, floaty mini dress? A dazzling gown? The options seem endless, especially for a summer wedding where you don’t have to worry about layering up, but how do you decide what to wear?

Friends Toasting

Here are some suggestions that will help you choose an outfit that will make you look and feel truly beautiful. Just be sure to bring a lightweight pashmina—you’ll probably be indoors at some point, and there’s a good chance the air conditioning will be on full blast!

Whatever you choose, fight off heat and humidity by wearing gorgeous light and airy fabrics, such as chiffon, silk, cotton or linen.

Casual Wedding

Your options are pretty open for a casual summer wedding, but you still want to look the part. Consider some of the following:
  • A pretty maxi dress with a bold, summery pattern
• Wedges or some summery sandals
• A lightweight, silky jumpsuit
• A simple, light statement necklace
• A strappy sundress

Formal Wedding

For a formal wedding, you can still wear any of the above and pair them with fancy accessories, a pair of smart heels and a fancy jacket, or pick something from the following list to help keep you cool and glamourous:

• A ruffled blouse paired with a pencil skirt
• A trouser suit in a lightweight but dressy fabric, maybe with a cute silk cami underneath
• A chic cocktail dress in a light colour 
• Pretty, delicate jewellery 


It isn’t only women who fret about what to wear to a wedding. We know you menfolk worry too, and while many men don’t mind a spot of shopping to find the right outfit, many would rather stick to the same old heavy-duty suit. However, at a summer wedding the usual digs won’t quite do it! You’ll be so busy wiping sweat from your brow all day you won’t find time to have fun.

But don’t worry, here are some suggestions for clothes and accessories that will have you looking dapper and feeling cool and refreshed throughout the day. A top tip: consider dressing in light layers so if you do overheat, you can easily remove an item and cool down.

Wedding guests on a bridge final

Casual Wedding

Even if the wedding invite says casual, we recommend you wear a suit. After all, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Pick a suit with an easygoing vibe, and don’t think it has to be heavyweight. In fact, avoid polyester at ALL costs, or you’ll be a melted heap by the end of the day! Instead, a linen/cotton blend jacket is perfect. You can always remove the jacket and tie if it gets too hot as the day progresses, but by wearing both you’ll feel smart yet casual. Just keep in mind: in wedding talk, casual does NOT mean jeans and a polo shirt, unless otherwise specified! 

Here are a few things that you can mix and match to stand out at a casual wedding:

• Lightweight khaki chinos
• Stylish lace-up shoes
• A quirky bow tie
• A cotton, patterned, button-down shirt
• A bright summery tie
• A pocket watch
• A patterned jacket, or a blazer that isn’t a block colour
• A stylish straw hat

Formal Wedding

Formal weddings are a little more tricky in the hot summer sun, but don’t think you have to opt for a dark, sweltering suit. You can be formal and still enjoy the day without worrying about melting. Forget about a tux unless it’s specifically requested. Instead, consider the following options, and feel free to add in a couple of items from the casual list, as long as you feel they are appropriate:

• A solid, dark tie
• Polished dress brogues
• A lightweight suit in a darker colour, but not too dark—grey or navy is perfect
• A proper cotton dress shirt (try Egyptian cotton, which breathes well)
• A buttonhole
• A sleek watch

Newly wed couple

If you’re planning to have your own nuptials soon, do consider letting us help you plan the event; we promise to sprinkle a little of our own magic onto your big day!

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