The Perfect Summer Wedding Menu

If you’re considering a summer wedding, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to planning your menu! Summer is the season when delicious fruits and vegetables are in abundance, fresh fish is in flow and tender meats are easy to come by.  

It’s always best to go for food and drink made with seasonal ingredients, but don’t think that means limiting the variety of dishes and flavours—from limes to tomatoes, fennel to courgettes, cod to wild salmon, and delicious chicken to saltmarsh lamb, it couldn’t be easier to eat seasonal produce without sacrificing taste, during the drawn-out days of summer. 
This guide offers some inspiration on what bold flavoursome food and drink to offer your wedding guests that will both delight their taste buds and help them keep their cool! 


Keep your starter nice and light and fit for the season. Include flavours like lime and chilli for a little zing, and make use of the wealth of summer produce such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

Ceviche with tortilla chips

This gorgeous Latin American starter can be made with any white fish, but go for a fish that’s in season, such as cod, coley, or herring.  

Summer chicken skewers

 There is something quintessentially summer-esque about a skewer, and these skewers are made with a perfect choice of meat for this time of the year—chicken—plus seasonal flavour enhancers like chilli and mint.  

Gazpacho shooters served in carved-out cucumber  
GAZPACHO, VODKA (optional),  

You can’t get much more summery than gorgeous, ripe tomatoes, and gazpacho is a simple tomato soup served cold. To make it even more seasonal, consider serving it in summer cucumbers carved into little cups. This means less clutter on your elegantly set tables, plus your guests get to indulge in two summer garden treats— tomatoes and cucumbers! If you feel a little extra indulgent, feel free to add a splash of vodka. 


For your main course, avoid heavy meats like steak or pork and stick to lighter dishes like fish or chicken. Adding in some fruit or summer vegetables will really make your main a seasonal success. 

Grilled wild salmon with mango salsa  

Summer is the perfect time to eat wild salmon, so this meal is ideal as a summer wedding entre. The mango adds a touch of sweetness which is complemented by the zing of the lime and the chilli to please the palate!

grilled salmon

Oven-fried chicken with a huge summer salad 

In this dish, the chicken is oven-fried, making it lighter and a lot more healthy than regular fried chicken. The side salad includes fennel, the aniseed-flavoured summer vegetable which will add a nice complexity to the flavour of the meal. 

Summer vegetable & pesto rose tart

This tart is perfect for vegetarian guests, but meat eaters will love it too! It’s made with more seasonal stars such as courgettes and lemon and is light and refreshing. Consider serving it with steamed seasonal vegetables or a nice big leafy salad. 


Recently, it seems serving a dessert in addition to a wedding cake is the way to go, and this trio of desserts is bound to wow your guests. 

Using fresh, seasonal fruit is a simple but effective go-to, as not only are fruits at their most delicious when they’re in season, they’re also inexpensive at this time of the year— a handy advantage when you need to feed a large number of people! 

Trio of summer sorbets

A trio of your favourite sorbet flavours will really help cool down your guests and cleanse their palates at the end of a delicious meal. Consider choosing sorbets that match the colours of your wedding for an extra little pizzazz! 

trio of sorbet

Fresh raspberry mousse with basil syrup 

Both raspberries and basil are perfect for a summer wedding menu, as both are in season (plus, this dessert is gorgeous both to look at AND to eat and is sure to impress your guests!) 


Watermelon cake served in mason jars 

Few things shout ‘summer has arrived’ more than the humble watermelon, and in this dessert, the watermelon is put in cake and served in rustic mason jars. Perfect! 



Summer is no time for traditional wedding cakes with their thick icing and rich filling. Instead, let the season guide you and go for one of these three delicious, summer-friendly suggestions! 

summer fruit wedding cake

Frances Quinn’s summer’s day wedding cake 

This extravagant wedding cake, made with an array of fresh summer berries, will have your guests gasping at its beauty! It eclectically mixes lemon and mint to form a syrup bursting with memorable delicate flavours. 


Summer fete wedding cake 

This cake is made with gorgeous, summery lemon drizzle and is decorated to resemble a summer fete. For an individual touch, the light pastels can be chosen in-keeping with your wedding décor!  

White chocolate wedding cake 

If you can’t completely shy away from chocolate, and you know your guests may feel the same, opt for a lighter white chocolate cake instead of a typical heavy chocolate fudge cake. This cake provides soft creamy flavours, but remains fresh with its dash of vanilla.  


It’s important to keep your guests hydrated as they bask under the hot summer sun. Here are three choices of beverages that will help them keep their cool as they dance the night away. 

Fruit-infused water 

A water infused with fruit or herbs will really help keep everyone hydrated throughout the day. From cucumber and mint, to cherry and lime, check out this list of infused ideas which will invigorate your guests. 


Summer Lemonade 

Whether you set up a lemonade stand or not is up to you (it’s a cute idea!) but summer is the perfect time to make sweet yet tangy lemonade to refresh your thirsty guests. Old style drink carts where guests can help themselves or self-serve compliment traditional or vintage outdoor venues well. Consider having a few different fruits and garnishes so that your guests can individualise their drinks. 

wedding drink station

Elderflower G&Ts 

Obviously, some guests are going to want more than water as the day proceeds, and these refreshing elderflower gin and tonics are the perfect balance between hydration and decadence! Following drinks, if you’re looking to head inside for some dancing, opt for a wedding venue with plenty of large windows so that natural light will seep through, allowing you to wind down into sunset hours.  

Whilst we hope these recipes have left you feeling inspired, we understand that catering for a wedding isn’t an easy task. We can help take some of the pressure off with our wide range of catering suppliers, which you can find out more about here!  





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