How to Bring Colleagues Together at Your Work Christmas Party

Christmas is fast approaching, and there’s no better way to reward your employees for their hard work throughout the year, than by throwing an amazing Christmas party. A party where everyone can shelve their professional self and let their hair down, as they mingle with fellow workers over drinks, food, and Christmas festivities.

Festive friends toasting

So, how do you throw a Christmas party that your employees won’t forget in a hurry, and for all the right reasons? A big clue…a couple of bottles of cheap bubbly, some limp tinsel and a few stale mince pies in the office staffroom just isn’t going to cut it! This is the time to think big and show your staff what a thoughtful employer you are, by throwing a party that will dazzle them—one where they won’t be able to help mingling until midnight!

But sometimes it’s hard to ensure that everyone will enjoy it. After all, there are several different personality types in an office environment, and some find it easier than others to mingle and strike conversation with colleagues they barely know. Well, don’t fret! This handy guide will help you cater to all personality types and show you how to throw a Christmas bash that encourages colleagues from across the company to come together and foster new lasting friendships! 

1. Get out of the office

If you want your staff to feel at ease and really enjoy their Christmas do, you must take the party out of the office. If you choose an alternative venue for your party, not only are people far more likely to attend in the first place, they’ll also find it easier to relax and leave work behind them for the evening. Forget a room in a pub or a cold village hall—hiring a proper personalised venue will really impress your employees and give them the space to relax and enjoy the night.

Group of friends toasting at christmas party

2. Make sure it doesn’t feel like work

So, you’re out of the office and at a nice neutral venue, but you still need to make sure the party doesn’t feel like just another work event or conference. If you want people to remove their professional masks and really open up, you need to help them, by making them forget all about the 9-5 routine. You can achieve this by making the venue as festive as possible, by decorating your space. Try picking an inclusive theme which will appeal to all age groups and genders—one like Winter Wonderland which adds a touch of magic too! 

3. Create an environment that makes people want to mingle! 

Getting the right environment is crucial for people to feel warm, invited and welcome. Consider a location like The Sands Centre in Cumbria, whose grand, inviting, dancefloor is bound to get people up on their feet and showing off their best dance moves. Think festive background music (nothing too loud…you want people to be able to talk to one another), soft, dimmed lighting, plus a large, open dancefloor to encourage people to strut their stuff into the early hours! 

If you feel like some colleagues are more forthcoming than others, consider preparing some ice-breaker games that everyone will be able to get involved with, even the shyer staff members. These might be best at table level, so that even those that don’t want to get involved, will sure enough be able to laugh along when the more confident members lap up the limelight.  

Friends celebrating with props

4. Think about seating arrangements

The last thing you want at a Christmas party is to seat your employees at long, rectangular tables, where it’s impossible to speak to anyone other than the person seated next to them. It’s important not to isolate people and create a social environment at all times. With this in mind, you should choose a spacious venue and seat people at smaller, round tables, with a good mix of different genders and work teams. This gives people the chance to speak to someone they may not know that well already and therefore learn new things about their fellow work colleagues. Consider somewhere like Welwyn Garden City’s Collingwood Suite, which can easily facilitate 120 seated dinner guests, without compromising on dance floor room (an important consideration for any work party!)

Mingling around the christmas table

5. Get yourself involved!

It’s all well and good expecting your employees to have an amazing time at their party, but they’ll feel even more encouraged if they see their boss initiating the dancing and fun and games. Once one person takes to the dancefloor, it becomes a lot less daunting for others, so take the plunge and see everyone else follow!

Some other great tips to help social relations at your party are:

  • Ask others if they would like to go the bar with you when you next get a drink.
  • Make the most of your seating arrangements and approach people you’ve never met before.
  • Look out for shy staff members on the outskirts and help them find a natural way into group conversations, without feeling awkward.

Christmas confetti celebration

So, if you’re looking to give your employees a fantastic festive party this season, one which brings people closer together for more than just one evening, why not see if Better Venues can help you in easing the process.  We understand the various different elements that go into making a successful evening and can help accommodate for all different types of festive celebration!



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