Princess Pavilion - 18 Oct 2019 07:30 PM - 18 Oct 2019 11:00 PM

Slamboree has manifested itself in many different guises over the years​ to form a​n ​anarchic pack of revolutionary performers and musicians that have poured their hearts, energy​ and pure insanity into a unique and extravagant stage experience.

The idea was first​ hatched in the deepest darkest crevices of multi-award winning musician Mike Freear’s mind. After many years of immersing himself in music and performance, Mike Freear set about​ reproducing the musical ideas that had been ricocheting off the inside of his brain by bringing ​them​ to life on stage for audiences​ as delightfully twisted as himself.

Whilst fervently writing and producing music,​ he surrounded himself​ with a collective of friends that provided inspiration and echoed​ his ideas of weaving together live electronic music and theatrical performance. The result was bringing a music video to life on stage and fuelling each show with raw talent and audience energy became a signature of Slamboree performances. Their electric stage shows resonated with audiences ​and word quickly spread of around the world which saw Slamboree appearing at festivals and events across Australia, the Americas, Europe and all four corners of the UK.

After several years of road-hardening and line up morphosis​, ​Slamboree became fronted by vocal powerhouse and linguistic snake charmer Kathika Rabbit and not long after, ​the stage show grew larger, ​guided by the tantalising visuals of theatrical artistic director Lizzie West. Slamboree has now grown into a world wide phenomenon, honing the band's distinctive collective consciousness that shapes their sound, performance and everything in between. ‘The Long Game' has been a long time coming. But there's no doubt about it. You'll hear them coming and they're coming in full force...

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